How can I order from you?

Well, there are two ways to order from me. You can either shop from the collection on my website, or fill in the request form if you want something different. When it comes to requests, anything is possible (more info on the request form page).


Can I send my shoes (or anything else) to you? 

I am the one who orders your sneakers. You can not send shoes to me. All other items can be shipped to me. I can also order the item for you and include it in the price. 

Will I know what my custom request order will look like!

Yes! Once you’ve filled out the form and I have taken a look at your request, I will contact you and discuss the price range. Keep in mind that I charge €50 for making a sketch, this gives me insurance that your intentions are serious since sketching also costs a lot of time and my ideas are valuable as well. 


Can you change designs / add something to the designs that are on your website?

No, the designs on my website remain the same. If you want me to have create something different from what's on my website, you can submit a request. However, it will be totally different from what is on my website.


Can I make my own sketch or design, so that you will recreate it for me?

No, I can not do that. You can send me inspiration and indications of how you want it to be, but I need to express my own creativity as an artist that aligns with my own vision and style. I am an artist that can implement your 


How long does it take?

Website order: Delivery time is different for each product. Check out the description before ordering, you'll also receive a tracking code after ordering.

Request: Depends on the design. Once we´ve discussed the ideas and prices I will also mention how long it will take.


What if I want something to be finished earlier?

All special requests such as birthdays, anniversaries etc, must be made 6-8 weeks in advance. If you are not on time, I can still check if there’s a spot left. However, I do charge a rush fee. 


How much do you charge?

Price totally depends on the design itself, I have pre-made designs on my website or you can fill in a request form for whatever design you want.


Can you paint everything a customer asks for?

From now on, I will only focus on anime, cartoon, disney, anything animated. 

With the number of requests that I get, it is impossible for me to accept every request. Because of this, I have to make a selection. You will be informed whether your request has been accepted or not.


Do you only paint Air Force 1's?

No, If you want to request a pair, message me what shoes you want done and most likely I can paint on them! I also paint clothes like jackets and jeans etc 


How much is shipping?

You can see this in your shopping cart after entering your address when you´re buying from the website. 

For commissions: when we´re discussing the ideas and prices I will ask which country you´re from, then I'll include the shipping.


What paints do you use for custom sneakers and apparel?

I use Angelus Direct products, the best and most popular brand for customizing. Everything handpainted is permanent, waterproof and scratch free. 


Can my request be put on the website?

Customs that took me a lot of time will never be put on the website, simply because it will never turn out the same. However, I do put simple customs on the website.


I would love to have something that you´ve already made and posted on social media, but I can´t find it on the website. Am I still able to purchase it?

If it isn´t on my webshop it was either a 1of1 commission that I won´t recreate or a product from a previous drop that has been sold out. You can fill in the request form and I will make a new design for you.