Care Instructions

Custom shoes

Do not put your shoes in the washing machine! Although you could easily put any pair of Vans in the washing machine, do not do that with hand-painted sneakers. This could cause the paint may chip or crack. You're owning something that's more than just shoes. 


Custom jackets - bags - pants


All hand painted apparel is coated with varnish which make them water and dust resistant. Always hand wash to maintain the quality of the art and prevent fading.

Wash it by hand with lukewarm water. Use a clothing hanger, do not fold the jacket. Let it dry naturally without any electric tools. 

When it comes to pants: You're better off using a clothing hanger for your pants as well.


Custom game-consoles

Consoles such as the Playstation and XBOX (non-portable consoles) do not require any specific care instructions, the quality of the custom game-console remains the same permanently. 

When it comes to portable consoles (such as the Nintendo Switch): Use a carrying case when taking it somewhere. This prevents scratches from other objects.


Custom glass paintings

Make sure you put the glass painting in a definitive place where there is no chance that the painting can fall.


Custom painting on canvas

All pieces are sealed with high grade resin, varnish, or fixative spray to ensure the best preservation. 

The products Kamateworld uses to customize are from Sneakarts Kit.