Meet Soraya Achhoud, aka Kamaté—an Amsterdam-based artist with Moroccan roots who's turned her passion for painting into a dynamic career. From customized gaming consoles to sneakers and jackets, Kamaté transforms everyday items into personalized art pieces. Specializing in anime and cartoons, her versatility knows no bounds. Welcome to Kamaté's world, where art turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.boundaries and everyday objects become extraordinary canvases. 

''Kamaté'' comes from the Japanese sentence ''Kamatte kudasai'', which means ''Please pay attention to me''. Creating vibrant and eye-catching designs is what Kamaté aims for in every art piece, that lead people around you to 'pay attention' to the art piece that you are wearing or owning. 

The paints that Kamateworld uses are from Sneakarts Kit.